League City Holiday in the Park

by Saceia Armstrong

Posted on June 28, 2024, 10:21 am Viewed 45 times.

It was an amazing weekend at League City’s Holiday in the Park We have met some amazing people this weekend , raised awareness of the trafficking that goes on right here in our community and definitely had a few divine appointments.
I got to share our mission with Mayor Pat Hallisay and what POM does in our community.
To the survivors who shared their stories with us, thank you so much being brave and trusting us! Keep it up, keep sharing. So many more needs to see that they can make and make a difference in someone’s life .
And to our team this weekend- Sherre, Karen, Nicole, Queta, Yolanda, Barbara, Bea, Tory and Roquelle. Thank you !!! You did an awesome job and you did it with excellence we couldn’t of done it without you.

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