Spa Outreach Update

by Saceia Armstrong

Posted on December 1, 2023, 12:38 pm Viewed 19 times.

Thanks for praying for our Spa Outreach mission on Sunday Nov 24th. Went to a new spa and met a beautiful young lady, Amy. She was so happy we were there. Spoke very good English she hasn't been in the Houston area very long. She said she works 12 hours a day seven days a week and has no friends and we must be angels. Great conversation with her prayed with her got her phone number so we can stay in contact with her. Nina one of the young ladies that went out to eat with us is very h...appy right now because she now has a boyfriend, great prayer with her. She invited us to go karaoke & dancing with her in Chinatown sometime. Went to a new spa that's only been open a few months- the girl I tried to speak to spoke no English and there is an ATM in the lobby.
Another spa has a new girl there. Both her arms was covered with burn scarring. Look very tired and worn out. First she said she was alone and then called the manager down from upstairs. He was an Asian man, spoke very good English. He only works on Sunday due to other businesses in Houston. Didn't know who we where talking about when we asked about girl we met last month. He says they rotate the girls.
Please keep these ladies in your prayers 💕

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