Aug 2019 Outreach

by Saceia Armstrong

Posted on May 29, 2024, 8:06 pm Viewed 69 times.

Thanks for praying for spa outreach last night. Picked up two new spas- One is very dark and dingy. When we walked in the girl came out and said they're very busy and while we were there a man walked in. The other one an older lady was working last night and was surprised that we came in. Speaks very good English was telling us at one time she had her own salon : did nails ,make up and hair, she sold it a couple years ago and now she drives an hour to work to this spa. Other spas were busy and we didn't get to stay very long. At our last spa , it has been two months since we have seen Nina and Nene . This time they welcomed us in to sit in their lounge chairs and stayed very close to us while we were there. As time goes by I am able to ask more questions about their life. Neither one of them drives their boss picks them up every day brings them to work then pick them up and take them home, Supposedly they live in two different places. When I was asking some of these questions Nene the older one got very quiet. Nina the younger one does not like the boss. They both said boss is concerned for their safety so that's why they don't let them go anywhere. We are supposed to be having dinner with them on Labor Day not sure how that's gonna work but please keep these two in prayer.
Thank you to "She Is Ministries" for donating the bags for our Asian girls, they loves them and was surprised to see they could read.!!!
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